sabato 18 dicembre 2021

Alan c2 Framework v5.0 - All you can in-memory edition

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I just released version 5.0 of my C2 post-exploitation framework Alan. You can download the binaries and read the release notes at:

My goal with the Alan project is to provide a post-exploitation framework that can help red-team operators to further compromise their targets. Tipically, each team has its preferred tools to exploit the target, an example is the pletora of tools that can perform the memory dump of the lsass process. Alan does not enforce any particular tool, instead it provides the ground to run whatever tools the operator like. All tools are executed in memory in the address space of a pre-configured host process, or injected into another process.

This feature is achieved by the introduction of the new command run. This command accepts a file path on the operator machine and executes it on the compromised host without touching the disk. It is possible to specify command-line arguments that are passed to the executed program (this feature is not so common in the other C2 framework ;)). For this reason I decided to name this version "All you can in-memory" :)

Other commands were also implemented that allow the operator to execute a program on the compromised host. In particular the command exec was added to execute a new process and the shell command was modified to accept an argument that is the command to execute (if no argument is specified, a command shell is presented to the operator).

Find below the video that shows the following features:

  • Creation of a x64 powershell agent.
  • In-memory execution of the nanodump utility by using the configured host program (raserver.exe in this case) and passing a command-line argument. The Process Hacker windows will display the execution of the raserver.exe process.
  • Execution of the program notepad.exe in background.
  • In-memory execution of the dumper utility by injecting the binary in the just created notepad process. In this case the raserver.exe is not executed.

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