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Alan c2 Framework v7.0: Hyper-Pivoting

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A new Alan C2 Framework version was released, codename: Hyper-Pivoting. This new version includes some cool features like a proxy usage to allow the operator to easily pivoting through networks.

SOCKS5 Proxy

Network Pivoting is an essential part of every red-team activities and a must have feature for every C2 Framework. Alan v7.0 implements a proxy feature to easier network pivoting. By using the proxy command the operator can create a SOCKS5 compliant proxy on the machine where the agent is running, or interacting with an already running proxy.

Proxy chain is another useful feature that allows the operator to chain multiple proxies togheter. Creating a proxy chain is very simple, just use the command: proxy chain [proxy ID source] [proxy ID dest]. Some network segments can communicate only with specific addresses, this implies that reaching the C2 server is not an easy task. By using a chain of proxies the agent can establish a path to the Alan server and being able to compromise very segmented networks too.

The executed proxies are protected by a username and password. If the operator does no specify them, a randomly generated username and password is used (the operator can see the username and password by running the proxy command). As mentioned, the proxy are SOCKS5 proxies and can be used by any other programs that accept a SOCKS5 proxy.

One of the main Alan pillars is the in-memory execution of all its components, and the proxy has no exception. When a proxy is executed, its code runs inside the host process without touching the disk.

Misc features

Alan 7.0 includes other relevant features. The info command was improved by showing the Machine ID and if the agent is using a proxy. All Alan logs are now saved to the alan.log file. In addition, all the output generated by the Alan server and the commands inserted by the operator are saved to an evidence file. This allows the operator to include the evidence file as part of the red-team activity report.


The video below shows an example of proxy usage. After creating a proxy the Alan agent is instructed to use it. The video demonstrates that the running proxies are compliant to the SOCKS5 specification, by using one the created proxy with the curl utility. Next, a proxy chain is created and the network traffic displayed to show that the chain of proxies is traversed before to reach the Alan server.

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